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To display calendars click the organization name. To see multiple calendars merged into one calendar check calendar boxes and click the button at the bottom of the section. "w" after each entry will take you to the organizations website.

To add events to a calendar display the calendar and click ADD EVENT located at the top right of the calendar.
All calendars are maintained by the named organization. If you have a question about a calendar use the "Email Calendar Administrator" link located on the specific calendar.
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How to use the site?
Simply check on the calendars you would like to view and click the main button on the page. Use the SEARCH to locate an event by keyword. If you know of an event that is not on the calendar simply click the "Add Event" on the top right corner of any calendar page.

If you are an event planner
Welcome to the ultimate in activity planning! As an event planner you can view multiple organizations calendars all in one calendar and plan your event to minimize conflicts.

How do I get a calendar for my organization?
If your organization needs a calendar on this site simply click here and fill out the calendar request form. Please note if you don't have alot of events but would like them listed you can submit to one of the existing calendars. See the next question below.

I know about an event but don't see it on the calendar. What do I do?
Go to the calendar that you believe the event would be useful in and click on the "Add Event" button. It is up to the administrator of the site to approve it for display in the calendar. Don't forget to leave your email address and name in the submission so the administrator can contact you if they have questions regarding the event.

If you are an administrator of a calendar on this website.
If you are a calendar administrator your calendar can be setup so that only you can submit and save events or we can have others submit calendar events which can then be setup to be reviewed and approved by you (the administrator) before they are posted. In the latter circumstance once an event is submitted by others you will see the unapproved event in your administrative calendar while it is hidden to others in the normal calendar. There is also the option to allow anyone to post an unreviewed event.

Your organization's website calendar
If your organization has a website you can incorporate your individual calendar you access on SouthBayCalendar.org into your own website by having a link to the calendar on your organizations website. If your website uses frames you can have the calendar appear as part of your website. You can see an example of this by going to the El Segundo Kiwanis website and clicking on the calendar button at the top of the page. The City of Manhattan Beach has a calendar button which generates their calendar in a separate window.

Good luck - enjoy - and Happy Calendaring!

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The best way to learn is to start using the master calendaring system and refer to this help page when needed.



SouthBayCalender.org is an interactive calendar that allows you to share event information via the Web. You can manage schedules from any computer (anywhere on the planet) that runs a Web browser. Maintaining and supporting SouthBayCalender.org is a snap because no other software needs to be installed on individual computers.

SouthBayCalender.org has many powerful features including:

Multiple Calendar Views and Formats

Tailoring each calendar to your changing needs couldn't be easier. Choose to view each calendar yearly, monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily, or by event, even change from traditional calendar grid to a list format. Change your mind? Click a single icon to change the view or format.

Event Reminders

No more excuses. Let SouthBayCalender.org remind you (and your colleagues) of important upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and project deadlines.

Searchable Calendars

Search one or more calendars for events matching specific keywords.

Master Calendars

Combine two or more calendars into one view to create the ultimate scheduling tool--a master-calendar. For example, combine the calendars of a city to see all events in that city. Use the "Select Calendars" link on any calendar page to create a master calendar on the fly or check the boxes from the home page.

Conflict Resolution

Make scheduling rooms, equipment, and other resources hassle-free; SouthBayCalender.org can double-check that your selected date and time does not interfere with any previously scheduled events.

Submitted Events

Allow users to submit events to the calendar, pending approval by the calendar administrator.

Print Views

Click on the "Print" icon from any calendar view to instantly create a stripped-down, ready-to-print version of the current view.



Viewing Calendars and Events


Introduction to Viewing Calendars and Events

SouthBayCalender.org allows you to view the schedule of events in whatever way best suits your needs. Specify the view and format, whether or not to show event descriptions, and many other preferences.

Introduction to SouthBayCalender.org Navigation Tools

The standard calendar has both an access bar and an icon bar at the top of the page. The access bar provides information related to the user's current access privileges. The icon bar provides quick access to the most frequently used calendar functions.

Select Calendar(s): Quickly change calendars by selecting the calendar from the pull-down menu and clicking the "View Calendar" button. If you want to view more than one calendar at a time, highlight the calendars you want to view and click the "View Calendars" button. (Macintosh users should hold down the "Apple" key to select and deselect calendars; PC users should use the "Control" key.) To view all the calendars to which you have access, click the "View All Calendars" button.

Jump to Today: One-click access to today's date. (This is also the recommended way to refresh your screen and see the most recent changes other users have made to the calendar. Do not use the browser's "Reload" button.)

Select Date: Manually select the desired date from pull-down menus.

Submit an Event: Submit an event for inclusion in the calendar (if the calendar is configured to allow event submissions). The submitted event will not appear in the calendar until someone with appropriate access approves it.

Icon bar: The icon bar allows you to quickly access various options and functions available within SouthBayCalender.org. Here's a quick description of the buttons in the icon bar:

  • Year view: View events by year.
  • Month view: View events by month.
  • 2-Week view: View events bi-weekly.
  • Week view: View events by week.
  • Day view: View events by day.
  • List/Calendar format: View the events as a list or in calendar grid format.
  • Show/Hide details: Show or hide the details of events on the current page. Event details will be listed beneath the calendar grid in calendar view and will directly follow each event in list view.
  • Options: Change the current session options, including the first day of the week, show/hide weekends, event sorting, and show author.
  • Print: Open a new window to display a stripped-down, ready-to-print version of the current view.
  • Search: Search one or more calendars for keywords.
  • Help: Access the online help system.
  • Login/Logout: Provide your SouthBayCalender.org username and password to gain access to more calendars and functions. Logout once you are finished to ensure that no one has inappropriate access to sensitive information.

Calendar Views and Formats

You can view events in any one of the following ways:

  • Year View: From this yearly overview, you can select the year, month, week, or day you want to view. Click on a month name to view the events in that month. Click on a week number within a particular month to view the events for that week. Click on a day number to view the events on that day. In list format, Year view shows all the events for the selected year.
  • Month View: View events for the selected month.
  • 2-Week View: View the events for the selected week and the following week.
  • Week View: View events for the selected week.
  • Day View: View events for the selected day.
  • Event View: View the event description and other important information by clicking on the title of any event. (For instance, clicking on "X-Files Convention" would reveal: "Air Force Base, San Diego. Call 888-397-6849 for directions.")
  • Calendar Format: The calendar format uses the familiar columnar grid with weekday headings in year, month, 2-week, and week views.
  • List Format: The list format allows you to view the events as a chronological list in year, month, 2-week, week, and day views.

Current Session Options

You can change various viewing options for your current session:

  • Use 24-hour Clock: Designate your preferred time format (12- or 24-hour).
  • Show Weekends: Show or hide Saturday and Sunday. (This has no effect on list views.)
  • Show Event Type Icons: Turn the "to-do" icons (an exclamation point for uncompleted tasks and a checkmark for completed tasks) on or off.
  • Show Details: Turn the event details display on or off.
  • Show Icon Bar: Turn the icon bar section on or off.
    • Note: If you turn the icon bar off, a "View Options" link will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow access again.
  • Show Event Author: Turn the event author credit on or off.
  • Start Week On: Specify the first day of the week for calendar views.
  • Event Sorting: Specify the order in which events should be displayed on each date. (For example, you may prefer that untimed events such as birthdays be listed before each day's tasks.)
  • Change Options for this session: Begin viewing events with the options you have designated.
  • Revert to default options for current calendar: Return to viewing events with the default options.

The Rest of the Icon Bar

Show/Hide description

Choose between showing the descriptions on the current page or clicking on an event to read the description.

Searching the calendar

Enter a keyword to search one or more calendars. Specify start and end dates to narrow your search.

Online help

Peruse the user's guide for help using and configuring SouthBayCalender.org.


This is reserved for the calendar administrator.


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