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To display calendars click the organization name. To see multiple calendars merged into one calendar check calendar boxes and click the button at the bottom of the section. "w" after each entry will take you to the organizations website.

To add events to a calendar display the calendar and click ADD EVENT located at the top right of the calendar.
All calendars are maintained by the named organization. If you have a question about a calendar use the "Email Calendar Administrator" link located on the specific calendar.
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Please provide information about your organization in order to qualify it for a calendar. The information requested below will helps us decide how to meet your needs and set up the calendar.
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NOTE: If the organization is approved for a calendar we require you to place a reciprocal link on your site to the SouthBayCalendar.org (we place one on the sbc.org site to yours) and place a "Calendar" link on your site so that the calendar is generated from your site directly. This will give you one calendar that will appear on both sites and you will not have to maintain two calendars.