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To display calendars click the organization name. To see multiple calendars merged into one calendar check calendar boxes and click the button at the bottom of the section. "w" after each entry will take you to the organizations website.

To add events to a calendar display the calendar and click ADD EVENT located at the top right of the calendar.
All calendars are maintained by the named organization. If you have a question about a calendar use the "Email Calendar Administrator" link located on the specific calendar.
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The South Bay Master Calendaring system was created to give all of us all a better way to see the activities in the area and the ability for organizations to plan events with fewer event conflicts.

A Few Features of
the calendar system

1. Easy event submissions.

Individuals in an organization that has a calendar on this system can submit events to the calendar. The means the calendar is updated regularly and more timely. Also, administrators or web developers aren't shouldered with the responsiblity to get everything in the calendar. Anyone can submit using the ADD EVENT button on the calendar.

2. Non-technical - Eeeeeeassssy!

You don't have to rely on anyone else (like a web developer) to update your calendar - anyone in your organization can submit events. It's easy, fast and timely.

3. Calendars are protected by a "gatekeeper" which approves all submissions.

One or many individuals in the organization can be the "gatekeeper" for the calendar. They can approve, modify or delete event submissions before they are seen by the public. The calendar is under the control of the organizations gatekeeper.

4. Multiple calendars can be combined into one master calendar.

This is the major feature! You can view one calendar or combine many. You can view calendars for the entire city or view calendars for the entire region. Whatever your choice all the calendars selected appear in one calendar with events from each calendar and identified by what calendar they came from.

5. The calendar is web based.

This means you can view and update the calendars from any computer that is capable of browsing the internet.

6. Automatic emailing of event changes.

When an event changes the change can be automatically emailed to a predetermined list of recipients.

7. Your calendar can be easily integrated with your website.

We can give your website developers the information which will allow you to click on a "Calendar" link on your website and you get your organizations calendar generated by SouthBayCalendar.org. All from within your website.

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