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To display calendars click the organization name. To see multiple calendars merged into one calendar check calendar boxes and click the button at the bottom of the section. "w" after each entry will take you to the organizations website.

To add events to a calendar display the calendar and click ADD EVENT located at the top right of the calendar.
All calendars are maintained by the named organization. If you have a question about a calendar use the "Email Calendar Administrator" link located on the specific calendar.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the calendar system start?

Click here to learn how the master calendar system started.

What Is a master calendar system?

It is a system that allows organizations and communities of our area to see what is happening. It contains calendars for city, youth, business, government, charitable and schools - to name a few. It was created to bring together our individual communities and give us visibility into the various activities in our area. It will allow all of us to more easily plan our events without conflicts and see what events are happening in our community.

Who runs the calendars?

Each calendar on the site is run by the namesake organization. We do not control the calendar content of any organization. Content is completely under the control of the organization.

Our Organization has a calendar!

That's Ok! So be a part of the big picture! You can keep your calendar AND you can be more closely tied with the community. It's up to each organization to take the initiative and say the time has come to communicate more effectively their events - the benefits of the calendar system are huge! Also, it's easy. And if inclined the calendar can be easily embedded into your website. Here's a couple of site that have done just that: El Segundo Kiwanis site and City of Manhattan Beach.

How is it Organized?

By cities and then organization inside the individual cities of the South Bay. Each can have their own calendar. The beauty is anyone can submit to a calendar so getting information on the calendar is fast and easy - it is immediately posted. We do believe it is in the best interest of the organization that submissions be approved by a person ("gatekeeper") that is a volunteer or employee of that organization (no technical knowledge required).

Is there a Cost?

The calendar is free to the participating organizations.

How Does It work?

It's really easy. Go to the site SouthBay Calendar.org and choose the calendars you would like to see merge into one calendar. Or use the search feature to find an event.

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